Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers.

Socrates (470-399 B.C.) -

Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara



Special Features of the Activities of the College

1. Talent Search Programme for students.
2. Inter-Collegiate Competitions for the Ever Rolling Trophy instituted by the College.
3. Activities for developing skills in Communication, Oration, Personality Development etc.
4. Study Tours.
5. Conduction of Cultural Programme, Seminars, Quiz Competitions etc.
6. Students were given opportunities to participate in educationally relevant programme in the media.
7. Celebration of National Festivals and important days.
8. Inter-House competitions for the Arts & Sports.
9. "Thought for the day" programme
10. Student Teachers' Day - Administration of the college given to the student teachers on that day

Co-curricular Activities

Ample opportunities are provided in the college for the integral development of personality of our students as well as to train them as good teachers. Co-curricular activities are given great importance with a view to train student teachers to enrich their school life. College Union, Cultural Club, Games and Sports, Debating Club, All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF), Women’s Cell, Nature Club etc. are geared to facilitate development of various skills and abilities of each student under the able guidance of the faculty members.

The General Association of the College is called the College Union. The Union Members shall be elected and the union shall function as per the directives of the University and the Management. The Union members are expected to behave beyond narrow party politics. Principal can take any action including dismissal against those behaving below the dignity of a teacher trainee.

All Catholic students of the college shall be members of the All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF). All other students can be its Associate Members.

Other Associations and Clubs such as Debating Club, Nature Club, Cultural Club, Women’s Cell, Subject Associations etc. are constituted to supplement the academic studies and co-curricular talents of students.

The Principal shall be the ex-officio President of all the Associations/Clubs. Staff members shall be in charge of each Association/Club. In all matters connected with the associations, the final decision shall rest with the Principal.

There shall be an Executive Committee for each Association, consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Joint Secretaries. Their duty shall be to plan and co-ordinate such programmes as would deem suitable for the curricular and co-curricular aims.

Subject to the prior approval of the Principal, the Secretaries shall make arrangements for all ordinary and extra ordinary programmes. The Secretaries co-ordinate these programmes under the leadership of the College Union. The Secretary shall be responsible to keep a record and account of the activities of each association.

Extension Services

University Education Commission highlighted the three functions of Higher Education Institutions, which include teaching, research and extension. To fulfill the obligation of extension, the College has introduced services such as community service and enrichment programmes for teachers.

Community Service

Schools and colleges functioning in the society should be accessible and available to the local community. Occasionally, the College takes up road construction works, hospital cleaning, house repairs etc. according to the demand.

Enrichment Programmes for Teachers

The College will organize Seminars and Workshops in collaboration with the U.G.C. and the University.

Planning for Teaching

MT technique does help to develop skills in teaching but the actual classroom experience shows that a holistic approach in teaching is necessary. View the lesson as a whole rather than a bundle of skills. Construct a schema for the analysis of the lesson giving prominence to how they present the lesson, develop the topic and organize the lesson to suit to the children of varying abilities and apply the appropriate instructional strategies to lead the children to find out for themselves the ‘new’ knowledge. Here, their learning of pedagogical analysis, modern instructional strategies and the various theories and principles they have studied would help them for effective teaching.


1. Study conducted by science students on how home learning environment helps in learning guidance and help were given on the basis of the results obtained.

2. Study conducted by students on eco-friendly ways of waste disposal in their local environment.

3. Providing necessary teaching aids to the schools nearby.

4. Remedial instruction given to backward students.

5. Providing necessary learning materials for the students in the various schools selected for teaching practical.

6. Science Lab, Nature Club, Home Science Club, Psycho-Social Club and Literary Club conducted exhibitions. Candles, soaps etc. made by the students were exhibited and given to nearby students.

Other Activities of the College

1. NSS

2. NCC

3. Sports and Games

a) Courts for playing Basketball, Shuttle Badminton etc.

b) Facilities for conducting sports and games.

c) Practice given under the supervision of Lecturer in Physical Education.

d) Provision for indoor games.